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Javascript, CSS, HTML

What can HoxWi do for you?


Getting a website live quickly

Designers & Developers

Creating a mobile App
without programming in Objective-C or Java


Building faster projects
involving API's, apps & IoT

700 Active Devs/Designers
5000 API calls per hour
50 Cup Of Coffee
10000 End users

The Platform

We obsessively seek out efficient ways to support robust, scalable and flexible software projects. Because we eliminate needless complexity, you can get up and running with HoxWi in a matter of minutes.

Powerful APIs

We provide a lot of out-of-the-box stuff so your teams don’t need to spend valuable time reinventing the wheel.

Built-in security

Develop only what is really necessary without having to worry about securing your applications, it is already there for you.

High Availability as standard

HoxWi partners with major cloud providers giving you plenty of room to scale, it is a key success factor for our long-term business.

Enjoy your freedom

Get online faster without as much dependency into the platform as offered by our competitors. When you finish building with HoxWi you will be half the way to become independent moving your applications to your own platform if you wish.

Wi Studio

Create web & mobile apps in minutes with Wi Studio

Easy to use

HoxWi Wi Studio is a web-based rich interface editor that enables you to develop and maintain your apps, databases, endpoints etc. Directly from your browser

Fully extendable

in Wi Studio you will find a range of templates that will help you with an easy kick-off

Export/Import any data you need

in Wi Studio you will find tools to help you uploading any data you already have and then exporting it back to be used elsewhere

Free CDN for Images and Files

like in any good hosting provider you will have a media uploader at your disposal to upload necessary images, css and js files to be used into your projects

The Magic Black Screen

Become a professional using our Command Line Interface (CLI for short)

Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, Windows, Linux, Mac!

Frequently preferred by advanced Users our CLI is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and some IoT (Arm) devices

Manage your HoxWi Account

HoxWi command line interface is a fundamental bridge between administrators and the cloud platform in order to manage API's, databases and applications

A powerful tool

The CLI can be used as a stand alone program for any kind of operation concerning the platform or as an additional batch tool used to perform timed / punctual tasks.

Go offline, host your HoxWi app into your own server

You can use the CLI as a standalone program to host your applications near to where it is needed, there is a portable version of the HoxWi platform built-in-it. It's especially helpful for IOT projects.

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To help you hit the ground running

Popular Templates

PetCare by Colorlib

Loved one!

Author by Colorlib

HoxWi choice!

Stylish by Start Bootstrap

The easiest one to start with!

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  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Limited Media Storage
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • 1 Mysql Database
  • 1 MongoDB Database
  • Dedicated Email Support
  • 1 custom subdomain
  • 1 custom domain
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  • Dedicated Apps Server
  • Dedicated Pages Server
  • Unlimited Media Storage
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Unlimited Mysql Databases
  • Unlimited MongoDB Databases
  • Dedicated Email Support
  • Unlimited custom subdomains
  • 5 custom domains
  • Unlimited Postgres Databases
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* Subject to availability. Starting price for a couple of private virtual servers (2GB RAM, 40GB storage each), please request a quote for different configurations.
** Prices subject to VAT.
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