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HoxWi provides essential technology tools specially designed to improve productivity, allowing businesses to develop their ideas cheaper, faster, and with fewer resources.


HoxWi is FREE

HoxWi is free forever, for customers completing up to 10.000 transactions per month.

Why You need HoxWi

HoxWi is a BaaS platform, allowing you to develop backend solutions
with high level of automation and without the need of much coding experience.

1. Is this You?

Are You an Entrepreneur / Startup / SME and you need to develop software applications (Internet, Mobile, IoT, Desktop, etc.)?

Have You a solution to develop the Frontend?

Have You realized that backend development and infrastructure are time consuming, expensive and require expert resources, that are scarce and way above your budget?

Do You want to avoid the negative impact this might have on your cash flow and on Your time to market?

If only you knew of a platform to automate backend development and consequently reduce implementation cost and time …

2. What can HoxWi do for you?

With HoxWi you can develop the entire backend structure of your App: It will provide, right out of the box:

  • Multiple databases to store all required data on both SQL and NoSQL
  • Automatic configuration of Tables/Collections making it easy to implement
  • Public and Private service bus allowing easy data distribution.
  • Private and public web interfaces easily configurable to help your team perform essential tasks.
You can also develop some front-end interfaces for your internal team or to collect specific external data using our back-office solution.

3. Which will be your benefit?

The best way to illustrate how big the impact of adopting HoxWi is for your business, is to share some KPIs from a real project we developed:

Description With HoxWi In-house *
Front-end 30h 30h
API 2h 80h
Databases 0h 20h
Integration 4h 40h
Back-office 8h 80h
Total time 44h 250h
Total resources 1 3 - 6
Time to market 1m-2m 4m-6m

* Estimates quoted by an independent consultancy company

4. How fast and easy will it be?

With HoxWi you can start using your databases right after creating your account, and even prior to configuring anything.

The platform will self-adjust, automatically creating all the necessary tables/collections and respective attributes.

Changes are frequent on new projects, which in most architectures, breaks the application. Using HoxWi will allow you unlimited Frontend changes, as the platform architecture is completely flexible.

HoxWi is the handiest tool available to help you build your MVP.

Share your data securely


HoxWi allows distribution/collection of data to/from multiple third parties; take advantage of this out-of-the-box feature to improve your projects.

Powered by simplicity


We’ve taken care of the hard problems of building, integrating, scaling, securing, and managing your backend platform saving you time and money.

Dynamic Rest APIs

Connect your app to virtually anything via endpoints or smart connectors (including IOT devices and industrial hardware).

Core Back Office application

Interact with any data at any stage with human-friendly web interfaces, specially organized in a private admin area.

Public interfaces

An easy way to allow selected partners or even public users to interact with your data in a controlled and visual environment hosted on your backoffice server.

JavaScript extensibility

Event based triggers allow you to customize endpoints and connectors with specific rules using JavaScript language.

Smart connector new

This very useful feature helps you connecting with legacy (XML/SOAP) web services making them available as a ready to use restful microservice before you start consuming it.

External integrations

We are working to provide very useful set of endpoints allowing interaction with APIS from established companies like Facebook and Google.


With your HoxWi account you have your own databases, own Elastic Search area, multiple shared API servers, multiple shared Back Office servers, own private and public Service Bus, all for free up to certain level of use.


MongoDB is the default data repository in HoxWi, each account has at least one database for SandBox and another for Production, without paying any penny extra to host it.


You can easily set incoming requests to be staged on a RabbitMQ queue to improve your capacity of handling thousands of requests per second without the need to change your app logic or write any code.

MySql/Sql Server Databases

The database is transparent and maintenance free for you while using HoxWi, even if you decide to keep your DB elsewhere.

Tested environment

Well, we also find bugs from time to time; but we work hard to fix them all, giving you the feeling that we do not have any.

*SQL Server databases are not available for all plans.

To get any similar structure running you would need to hire a substantial number of professionals.

Save time & money

Keep things simple

Get your project started in minutes using HoxWi to provide all the necessary databases, API's and Back office apps. Start by focusing on getting market traction to your business. Once you have it, you can leave us, if you wish. There are no strings attached.

Although we prefer that you stay, we will give you all your data, no questions asked.

Tools & Services

HoxWi team is constantly working to provide multiple ways to make your daily workload easier.

HoxWi MarketPlace

for Everyone

A variety of ready to use features that will fit your project’s budget, as most of them are free.

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Specialized Professionals

extra services

You always have the option of relying on certified professionals to help you implement your project.

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External Integrations

extra services

HoxWi integrates with external parties providing a myriad of functionalities, new ones added regularly.

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for Business Analysts

Go from concept to ready to use in a few clicks, without much need of coding experience.

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API Explorer

for Administrators

From this dashboard you can manage almost everything within your subscription.

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Experiments LAB

for Developers

The Experiments LAB allows users to manage any data in any existing database using Json language.

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CLI - Command Line Interface

for Developers

Usually adopted by advanced Users, who prefer to “talk” to the platform using text commands.

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Rest Client

for Developers

You can perform almost every task using a third party REST client (like PostMan).

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Back-office apps

for Support teams

Develop the necessary tasks, without having to create external applications.

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